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You’ll Hear it Through the Grapevine and in Truthful Testimonies – Our Personalised Products are Precious!

Any business can bask in the glow of positive self-praise. However, a successful business that pursues
perfection and innovation receives positive, glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Choc-o-pic is one such business. We are proud of winning our customers’ trust and appreciation and aim to win over more customers with our quality creations and top-class service. We’re Young, but We’ve Won
Choc-o-pic was established in 2019, powered by a passion for adding a unique sparkle to the world. Our company is young, but it has already garnered immense support from satisfied clients who keep
returning for thoughtful, personalised products and high-quality customer service.
Our clients have told us that they are moved by the way our choice chocolates have served as canvases
for their beautiful pictures and messages. They have raved about the wedding ceremonies, birthday
celebrations, and holiday seasons that have been enchanted by the Choc-o-pic touch. Our company has become a fixture in our customers’ lives, and the wonderful connections we have developed with them is a testament to that. We are lucky to have customers who not only share their positive reviews but also introduce Choc-o-pic to their friends. Many new customers have ordered unique, personalised chocolates to gift their loved ones after they heard about us from their friends.
We are very grateful to our customers for spreading the word about Choc-o-pic. This has helped our business grow and strengthened our commitment to putting customers first. Read reviews for Choc-o-pic written by real customers and learn how we made their day:

Testimonial: Testimonials

Beautiful gift and delicious as well crafted by someone who is so creative and puts her everything into it. Highly recommended, keep up the good service.

Stephen Q

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