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Personalised Products

– Our Choice Chocolates Make Gorgeous Gifts

Wholesome Holidays with Choc-o-pic
Whether it’s time to sing along to Christmas carols or go for an Easter egg hunt, Choc-o-pic will enhance the festive mood with its rich flavour.
Our unique selection of chocolates can also be a precious present for the children who come trick-or-treating on Halloween. Choc-o-pic makes a great Valentine’s Day gift that you can give to your significant other. It’ll be a sweet, rich reminder of the love you share!

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Soulful Celebrations with Customised Confections

Make special moments even more special with our personalised printed chocolates. Give Choc-o-pic as a gift on special occasions like your loved ones’ wedding ceremonies or a celebration of your child’s achievement. You can even use them to do a bit of self-promotion or as a creative, edible invite to your event.
We have a creative eye and pay close attention to clients’ requests. We’ll discuss and incorporate your vision for the final product, resulting in eye catching and delicious chocolate products featuring your photos and meaningful messages. All we need from you is a digital photo for reference!

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Chocolate is the decadent dessert that floats everyone’s boat!

Folks rush to seize a piece of some delightful chocolatey goodness the moment it arrives. This terrific treat also serves as a great communicator because it binds people together in a sweet celebration of their most profound milestones.
Our chocolatiers are well-aware that the exciting edible brings a lot of joy to young and old alike.
That’s why we have created a range of unique, personalised individual chocolate bars and bundles you can order from us as gifts for people who enrich  your personal and professional life!

Anniversary, Birthdays
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Try our personalised chocolate gifts today

Treat the birthday boy or girl to their very own photo upload chocolate bar or lollipop. It is a delicious gift for any birthday.

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Classy Corporate Commemorations

If you are in the business of providing service to others, our chocolates are the perfect souvenirs and complimentary gifts. They will remind your customers how you addressed their queries diligently. As a hotel manager, your guests can check out with a beautiful bundle of our unique creations. If you operate a salon, you can gift your clients one of our delicious delicacies as they leave the building! Commemorate your auspicious occasions with our personalised products today. For information on pricing and delivery, please feel free to contact us.

Products: Welcome
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