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Charmed by Chocolate 

Established in 2019 through an immense appreciation for chocolate, Choc-o-pic was founded as a way to
decorate the world with some sugary joy!
At Choc-o-pic, we are a team of driven, passionate individuals who firmly

believe that chocolate is the perfect antidote for trying times and the best tool with which one can pay homage to milestones and victories.

Awesome Options for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking for unique ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, or birth  announcements, Choc-o-pic offers a range of personalised chocolate gifts for every occasion.
We also specialize in adding an exciting sparkle to wedding ceremonies through our custom printed
Our products are made with the best dark and white chocolate on the market and embossed in the highest-quality food-grade ink.
Providing chocolatey companions for all your corporate and family events, Choc-o-pic ensures that when customers come knocking, they find the most captivating confections to serve as souvenirs for their guests.

Enjoy Chocolates Without the Worrisome Woes of Health

Choc-o-pic was founded with a mission to help every chocolate lover indulge in the charm of chocolate,
without abstaining due to health concerns.
Our aim, therefore, is to ensure that even folks who are managing diabetes can enjoy our products with ease.
To this end, Choc-o-pic adheres to a unique technique where our chocolatiers do not use a white
chocolate coating to print your image on personalised chocolate bars. In this manner, we guarantee that all chocolate lovers, including those with diabetes, can enjoy our products the way they are intended!
The Road to Chocolate is Paved with a Digital Image!
We strive to create chocolates that are as unique and special as our clients. So, we work with you every
step of the way to ensure that our products are personalised to perfection.
We are ready and excited to work our magic for your sweet surprises. All we need from your end is a
clear, high-quality digital image that we can use for a printing reference.
If you would like more information about our services or gift bundles, don’t hesitate to contact us at
your earliest convenience.

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