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Personalised chocolates

Like most successful businesses, our story begins with passion. A love for chocolate combined with lots of hard work culminated in the doors of our Online Chocolate Shop opening for the first time in 2019.
However we grow, we aim to stay true to our mission: providing exquisitely delicious products and hands-on chocolate experiences to all our customers. We insist on using the best ingredients, and putting our whole heart into every order.

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Express Your Love with a Sweet Surprise from Choc-o-pic!

If you want to tell a loved one how much they mean to you, there is no better way to accomplish this
goal than by gifting them a box of delicious delicacies that dominate the dessert realm in the form of
What elevates these magical morsels, even more, is when you give them a personalised touch.

This can be achieved by engraving your name, along with motivational messages, and precious pictures into the layers of the rich, creamy concoction that tingles your taste buds when you first encounter a chocolate bar!


Please Note: The images used on the bars are for visual purposes only and not for resale, any images used on chocolates need to be provided by yourself.

We only use the very best quality food grade ink.


Why Choc-o-pic? Unlike other companies Choc-o-pic does not use a white chocolate coating to print your image on. Our unique technique allows all chocolate lovers, including those with diabetes to enjoy their favourite chocolate as it was intended without the need for mixing flavours together.

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